Day 7 – Gretna to Kirby Stephen; 30th June 2023

Today’s the day we wave a cheery farewell to Scotland and start stage two of the ride down the length of England – 100 km and 992 metres climbing.

After yesterday’s good weather, things reverted to type, and it was raining as we left our wonderful overnight accommodation.  Taking the back lanes, I rode to the outskirts of  Gretna and into England.  Scotland was a tough place to ‘conquer’ but I enjoyed most of it!!

Onwards to the northern fringe of Carlisle, where the route meandered east on generally flat roads towards the Pennine town of Brampton (but not going there… the Pennines are tomorrow’s joy!).  After a while, the route turned south and east, and at Warwoick Bridgea slight detour to a cafe, where I joined Sue and discovered that a flurry of donations had pushed the total tantalisingly close to £5000.  Sue obliged!

Refuelled, the route then followed the broad line of the River Eden all the way down to Appleby.  It was an undulating ride with the bike computer telling me there were 20 summits to climb over the day; nothing huge but exhausting, especially with a wind in the face and flurries of rain.

After a late lunch in Appleby, it was the final 13km into Great Musgrave, just outside Kirby Stephen, for the night.

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